Friday, June 17, 2016

Our Son in 25 Years

In 25 years I hope Harrison will be....

Raised in a loving home that values the importance of family.

Tall and strong with the ability to provide for himself.

Respectful of his family, friends and himself.

Good in the kitchen, because not every woman is.

Driven to reach his goals but realistic all at the same time.

A loving husband who treats his wife like every day is their first date.

Humble and able to use his pretty blue eyes to still get what he wants from his mama.

Able to laugh at himself.

A true friend to those that he wants to keep in his life forever.

Courageous to stick up for himself and for his friends.

Understanding that sometimes life is hard.  Do the best you can with what you are given.

Still calling his mom to tell her he loves her.

And most importantly, I hope his daddy and I are around to see it.

I hope Harrison is all of these things....just like his daddy.

Happy 1st Fathers Day, D.J. We love you so much and are very thankful to be here to celebrate with you this weekend!

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