Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A New Working Mom's Thoughts

A week ago today I started back at work. The past 12 weeks was the most precious time that we were able to spend as a family and I wouldn't trade that time for the world! When Harrison was 2 weeks old, we went to Akron to visit D.J. since he hadn't seen him since he was four days old. Then we came back home until he was 6 weeks old. Once we had the all clear from my doctor, we hit the road to be with D.J. for the rest of my maternity leave.  We got in a nice little routine of staying out late, sleeping in till late morning and going to lots of baseball games.

But 12 weeks ended.  And now we are in a whole different routine of bottles, pumping and 9 p.m. bedtimes for everyone in the Brown house!

People kept asking me how the first few days back to work have been.  Have I been sad, or crying, or missing my baby.  Of course I miss the baby, but not really sad or crying.

Does that make me a bad mom? Someone that doesn't love their baby less?

Absolutely not.

It makes me a working mom.  Who pumps at work to give my baby the golden milk.  Who enjoys adult time with my coworkers.  Who strives to be better every day at her job.

And I've found that other moms with babies HC's age feel the same way.  Having adult conversations throughout the day is refreshing, even if it is about work.  Getting into a routine of getting dressed and leaving the house is good for you!

Obviously if our lives were different and we had the income for me to stay at home with the baby, that would possibly be a different story, but I truly enjoy my job.  And that doesn't mean I don't truly miss my baby. Now I can say, that leaving the baby to go to work has been extra easy because he is in amazing hands.  Some days he's with my mom and others with a family that has kids at our school.  He is loved on, snuggled with and famous on Snapchat thanks to his Gigi!

Although the past 12 weeks off have been spent figuring out how to be a mom, love on our baby boy, and lots and lots of snuggles, I didn't realize how ready I was to get back to work until I was at my desk.

So thank you, Norfolk Collegiate for giving me the opportunity to work remotely last summer (and get pregnant), the past 12 weeks off to love on my baby and an amazing job that makes leaving him so worth it to come back to!

Here's to all you working moms out there - at home or in the office - you all deserve a big high 5 and a pat on the back! Go out there and bring home the bacon...and the pumped milk if you are into that kinda stuff like me :)

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