Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#baseballwifelife: Another View- Lauren

With the last week of Spring Training upon us, this week's #baseballwifelife is live up on the blog.  Today I am so excited to introduce you to Lauren, baseball girlfriend to Mitch who was D.J.'s roommate last season! Hope you enjoy! Oh and I'm over on her blog answering questions about our baseball life! 

1. Tell us about yourself! How did you meet Mitch? Do you travel during the season? 

Hi Friends :) My name is Lauren and I am from Rochester, MN as is my Minor League Baseball-playing boyfriend, Mitch. Mitch and I met in 6th grade at school and had always been really close friends—up until junior year of high school when he asked me to Prom. That’s when it all started y’all. We’ve been together ever since and through all of the ups and downs and the roller-coaster ride of life and baseball, we are so happy to have been together (almost) five years now. 

2. Favorite froyo topping? Strawberries & Cocoa Pebbles!
3. Everything thinks baseball players and their families live glamorous lives - what would you say to that?

Although this may be true for some of the Big Leaguer’s, the reality of it all is that the minor league guys and their families live a difficult life. The majority of us wives and girlfriends have long distance relationships with our beau’s. You see, the guys don’t get paid diddly-squat in the minor leagues, so us girls often have to finish school and/or stay home and work to provide for ourselves and our families. There is also a lot of travel involved with this lifestyle—some people love it and some people don’t. 

It’s not all bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s glamorous either! There are some perks to living this lifestyle. One of the biggest perks for me has been the baseball community. The majority of the players and their wives and girlfriends have been wonderful. We’re all in the same boat and we can all relate to one another. We love our baseball fam!

4. Dating someone in the minor leagues can be hard. What would you say is the biggest challenge for you and Mitch?

Finding time to communicate! With Mitch's schedule at the field during Spring Training and during regular season games, and my school/work/sport schedule at school, it’s extremely difficult for us to simply sit down and find time to have a conversation. Not to mention his signal AND wifi at his hotel right now are beyond terrible! So, when I get a chance to chat I soak it all in because the opportunity is rare!

5. What is your favorite and worse part of the minor league lifestyle?

Favorite part: the baseball fam and the games. I love baseball and the entire environment. I also love meeting new people and discovering new places and cities—even if they aren’t the greatest places!

Worst part: The long distance that the baseball lifestyle requires of Mitch and I. Some ladies are fortunate enough to be able to travel with their men, but for right now that’s just not in the cards for Mitch and I (unless I am able to land a full-time remote position post-graduation—I’m taking recommendations!). 

    6. I know you spent time with Mitch during the season last year.  What would you say you learned about yourself and your relationship during that time?

    Last summer was a blessing. I knew that once I graduated I’d need to get a full-time job to prepare Mitch and I for our future, so I jumped on the opportunity to spend the summer with him in 2015. We learned A LOT about one another! We definitely felt pressure throughout the summer from our married roommates (there were seven of us total in a three bedroom apartment!) but they definitely helped us to question our relationship in a positive way—which helped us grow further into our relationship. Being in the same place at the same time helped us learn each other’s pet-peeves as well! Example: Mitch HATES the sound of people brushing his teeth! Who knew? I also learned that I am terrible at navigating, well technically Siri is. I like to blame her!

    7. What is the craziest or most memorable experience you've had on your baseball journey?

    Last summer was definitely the most memorable. There were about 5-10 girls in once place at one time all summer long—which is very rare with everyone’s schedules! Another favorite memory was having Mitch’s coach call me out of the stands to personally give me a reservation that he’d made for us at a local restaurant for the upcoming off-day. It was such a nice gesture!

    8. What does the ideal off day during the season look like for you and Mitch?

    For us, we typically just like to catch up on sleep seeing as the baseball lifestyle has you running on a very weird sleep schedule! We just like to relax and enjoy each other’s company since the guys only get a few days off ALL SUMMER!

    9. What kind of advice would you give to future baseball wives and girlfriends?
    For all you ladies out there, confide in one another! We all know what each other is going through because we’ve all been there and/or we can personally relate. We’re all sisters around here! Also, be patient and understanding. The long distance and miscommunication are definitely difficult at times, but it’s all worth it when you get to be with the love of your life in the end. 

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