Monday, March 21, 2016

26 things you didn't know about me

Right around my 26th birthday, I decided to write this post.  However, pregnancy got the best of me and now I'm just getting around to posting it.  So, if you are new to the blog, welcome! If not, I hope you find some of these tidbits about me fun to think about!

  1. I was born in California.
    1. I used to be a habitual nail biter, but quit and became obsessed with having my nails painted.  
    2. Since I stopped biting my nails, I have a bad habit of biting the inside of my lip (and it's D.J.'s biggest pet peeve of mine!)
    3. One of our favorite things to do at night is compete in Jeopardy. 
    4. I can read music and play the piano - it was something I started when I was younger and took lessons until I was a senior in high school.
    5. I tend to leave the cabinet doors (and any door for that matter) open in our house - another one of D.J's pet peeves.
    6. I'm obsessed with pictures.  My high school friends have said that my adult house looks just like my childhood room, but more polished!
    7. I am terrible at making decisions and get stressed about making the right one.
    8. I like to be in control, but baseball has helped me loosen the reigns big time.
    9. In 2000, I moved to Japan for two years.
    10. Candles are my jam.  I love the smell and the little flicker that it puts off.
    11.  The Bachelor/ette gets me every season.  I try not to watch, but I just can't stop.
    12. I'm only 5'2.  D.J. is 6'6'.
    13. Growing up, I've always had a dog - Hawkeye, Skeeter, Silver, Hudson, Lucy and now our own baby pup, Stryker! 
    14. I am very low key.  I can wake up and be at work in 25 minutes if I have to (I shower the night before :) ).
    15. In high school I played volleyball, cheerleading and soccer. 
    16. My hidden talent is Super Mario Brothers 3.  I know probably 80-90% of all the secret tricks.  
    17. I love a good pun.  I think they are so punny! 
    18. At least 4 times a year my family all gets together and has an intense game of Monopoly. 
    19. In college I started as an Art major and quickly realized I had no artistic bone in my body.
    20. I tend to take my socks off and leave them in the bed.
    21. Heels are the death of me.  I will only wear them when necessary.  I like a good boot heel, but stilettos are not for me! 
    22. I knew very little about baseball before starting to date D.J.
    23. Becoming a mom is one of the things I have looked most forward to in life.
    24. I work at the high school I went to.
    25. I have a younger brother who is 24 and a younger sister who is 20.  And I live 10 houses down from my parents.


    1. Jealous that you live 10 houses down from your parents! That will be SO awesome when baby boy is here!

    2. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing a little of you.


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