Friday, January 8, 2016

Five on Friday!

The first week back from the holidays always seems to be the longest week of the year.  But we made it through! Time to celebrate (or take a nap on the couch)!!Today I want to share with you my favorite blogs and the must-reads for 2016. For all those new to blog land, welcome! I hope my Five on Friday post helps you when looking for blogs to read!

With a new look for 2016, Olive & Tate has got to be one of the most up and coming (in my opinion) blogs this year! I absolutely love her sarcastic humor and honest mothering tips into life with her little guy.  She blogs all things home reno, baby boy, mom uniform and "keep it real" posts.  Definitely one of my go-to blogs for a while now.  Joining the boy mom club I know she will be a great resource!

two | Carolina Charm 

Carolina Charm is such an inspiring, real life blog from Christina who blogs about anything from life with two little babes, her breast cancer prevention story and everything in between.  She does an amazing job at making readers feel at home and has lots of great DIY's and recipes.  Following along from her pregnancies also give me good resources as I have been getting closer to my due date.  

three | Cheers Y'all 

One of my all time faves! Elise has been so sweet to me since we have became blog friends and I know that if we met in real life we would hit it off instantly! Cheers Y'all started as a way for her and her hubby to keep in touch with family across the pond.  Now it's turned into much more of lifestyle for her as they added their first baby girl last year.  She also has an amazing sister, Hope, who is right around the same week of pregnancy as I am.  I cannot say enough amazing things about Elise and Hope and I know y'all will love both of their blogs!

four | Home Sweet Ruby 
I love being able to search around Cait's blog to find all things boy baby and what the next year is going to look like in the Brown house.  From baby toys to how to survive going back to work, this blog is crucial for all those expecting moms and looking for a realistic approach to mommyhood!

five | Young House Love 

I absolutely love looking at home inspiration from Young house Love.  I know this blog is a little more mainstream then the other four, but I really love what they do to their spaces - although sometimes it's a little unrealistic to think I can pull off some of their renos!

And there you have it! Be sure to link up with the lovely ladies for 5 on Friday!

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  1. Are you SWEET or what!?! What a fun and super kind surprise to see while popping over to say hello today!!! xxxx


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