Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weekending in Reno

Today D.J. and I start our crazy weekend trip tot Reno, Nevada! To make our Friday morning a later, we are driving up to my in-laws house to spend the night before our 4:30 a.m. departure time on Friday! My brother-in-law is driving us to the airport in DC on his way to work for our 7:30 flight time.  We arrive in Reno around 11:30 a.m. local time and we cannot wait to explore a new city and cross another state off the list!

As I was googling "things to do in Reno" lots of exciting things came up, but the most important think we will be doing in Reno is celebrating the love of two of our best baseball friends - Dylan and Mikaela! D.J. and Dylan have been roommates a few times throughout their careers and Mikay, Maria and I were the only baseball ladies together a few years back and it was the best time.  My first experience with other baseball "wags" and it was so much fun with them!

So we did make the weekend a little longer and are heading out tomorrow and coming back on Monday, so we plan to make the most out of our time in Nevada and plan to check a few things off our list:

South Lake Tahoe

Only about and hour south of Reno is South Lake Tahoe in California and right when we arrive tomorrow, we plan to make the drive south and see the beautiful sights of Lake Tahoe. D.J. has never been to California, so we will cross two states off his list! We don't have any plans other than just go, so if you have any suggestions on places to eat or things we must do in the few hours we will be there, let me know!

We obviously will be hitting up the casino, but since we have little B on the way, we can't go too hard! I have only been the casino one other time in my life and lost, so anything other than a negative would be a good day for me!

And obviously see lots of friends and try a few local places in Reno! Please share any places we need to stop by if you are from the area or have visited Reno before!

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