Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby Brown - Week 14

14 weeks

How ­­far along: 14 weeks and 3 days! hellloooo second trimester! 

Due date: 3.27.16

Baby Size: a beet, about 3.5 inches long
Weight gain: haven't seen anything different on the scale at home yet. 

Maternity Clothes: still mixing and matching.  All my tops are still non-maternity and I plan to try and keep it that way.  With winter coming, I'm hoping to go with the loose shirts and maternity pants! Maternity jeans though are my jam! 

Stretch Marks: nope.

Sleep: I totally hit a wall this week with sleep.  I have been sleeping TERRIBLE. I finally tracked my sleep with my FitBit last night and was "restless" over 45 minutes! Anyone have suggestions?!

Gender: cannot wait to find out.  I'm leaning more towards girl, simply because I can picture life with a little baby girl! Obviously a little hunk wouldn't be too bad either :).

Name: Nope, didn't find a boy's name.  Still up in the air.

Movement: just wishing and hoping and praying that these will start soon! 

Best moment this week: Celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary! I have the best baby daddy in the whole world, y'all.  Flowers, a preggers shirt, and a massage - he's a keeper. 

Looking forward to: Seeing the babe at our doctors appointment next week!

Husband is: not enjoying my restless sleeping, but still loving on baby b growing. 

Food cravings: eh, nothing special still.  Loving carbs and sweets, but that's typical!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing specific, but just getting a good healthy meal in seems to be challenging.

Labor Signs: .........

Missing Most: Still trying to get my energy back and fall ciders!

Symptoms: a little lower back pain when working out and tightness sometimes when i sneeze! 

Nursery: Not thinking of anything for nursery until we find out the gender!

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Mood: haven't been the preggers that has mood swings, so I am feeling happy (also because today is payday!)

Workouts: Great morning workouts this week.  Getting up at 5 is becoming easier with more energy, but still a challenge.  It's been wet and raining here for the past week, so extra workouts have been challenging.  

Questions for mamas: Favorite places to register??


  1. Bless the baby beet!!!
    My favorite registering tip -- go on to combine all of your registries into one place, that way you can pick and choose more! :)

  2. Those sweet movements will be coming soon, promise!!


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