Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baby Brown Bumpdate - Week 6-8

After finding out we were expecting, I knew I would want to remember everything I am feeling right now, so bear with me as I catch you all up on the last few weeks of my pregnancy! If baby posts aren't for you, feel free to come back in a few days  for regular scheduled blogging.


Bumpdate || Week 6

How ­­far along: 6 weeks.  First doctor visit is schedule for 8 weeks on August 20!

Due date: We are thinking somewhere along the lines of late March or early April.

Baby Size: Lentil bean?? 

Weight gain: I've been around 136-138 for a while now, so lets go with 138 as my starting point.

Maternity Clothes: Nope. Haven't even thought about them other than the fact that this gives me a reason to shop, which the hubs isn't too happy about!

Stretch Marks: lathering up already with lotion - I can't imagine they will stay away forever though.

Sleep: Not sleeping the best.  I have already started to wake up in the middle of the night having to pee, continuously trying to get comfortable, etc.

Gender: wayyyy to early to tell, and I am still in disbelief this is happening to think about having a baby girl or boy right now! 

Name: We've been talking about names forever, but always end the conversation with "we will talk about this when the time comes" and now its here! We have names for a girl, but boy names are up in the air.

Movement: nada.

Best moment this week: sharing the news with D.J. - it was a sweet moment that had us in complete shock! I'll let you all in on how I told him in another post.

Looking forward too: being able to share our secret with the rest of our family and friends!

Husband is: loving his baby mama.  He's always telling me how beautiful I look, giving my belly kisses, and decided he has "quit" clubhouse casino so he doesn't loose anymore money. 

Food cravings: nothing in particular.  I did by Poptarts at the store yesterday because they were totally calling my name sitting on the shelf.

Anything making you queasy or sick: everything.  The first sign of pregnancy was nausea.  It has been a tad bit better lately, and I've been trying to make sure I eat enough, but nothing sounds good and I've noticed I already can't eat as much as I could a few weeks ago.

Labor Signs: ha - that's a joke.

Missing Most: being able to see D.J. everyday.  I'm back at home now as he finishes out the season.

Symptoms: nausea, sore ladies, a little spotting, and a constant nervous feeling when anyone I haven't told comes around or talks to me longer than one minute! Keeping this a secret is super hard!

Nursery: been thinking about things, but obviously still digesting the news.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On, but I have a feeling these babies aren't making it 9 months.

Mood: loving this little life growing inside me!

Workouts: not happening.  My energy has gone out the door, but I'm hoping that next week I can get back in the swing of things and feeling better.

Questions for mamas: Best app for tracking pregnancy?


Bumpdate || Week 7

How ­­far along: 7 weeks.  Getting antsy for this doctors appointment next week!

Due date: Hoping for an official date next week

Baby Size: a cute little blueberry

Weight gain: staying constant between 136-138.

Maternity Clothes: Doing some blog stalking of other mamas out there and what they bought first.  We have a few weddings coming up, so I will need something to wear for those!

Stretch Marks: Loving the Palmer's lotion to prevent these babies.

Sleep: Meh. Not the best.  Having very vivid dreams and still waking up to pee. 

Gender: having a little baby girl intuition in my mama heart. 

Name: thinking hard on boys names still.

Movement: tummy is turning upside down still with nausea.

Best moment this week: the hubs got moved up to the next level in baseball this week! He is officially an Akron Rubberduck!

Looking forward too: our doctors appointment next week and making a spontaneous trip to MAINE this weekend.

Husband is: so excited about his promotion and be able to continue to chase his dream.  Mama and baby are so so proud of him!

Food cravings: nothing crazy.

Anything making you queasy or sick: everything in the mornings. 

Labor Signs: maybe I'll delete this question for now??

Missing Most: deli meat.  Turkey sandwiches are my go-to!

Symptoms: nausea, nausea and more nausea. Low energy and already getting up in the nights running to the bathroom to pee.

Nursery: we know what room the nursery will be, but still it's a junk room for now.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On, but I have a feeling these babies aren't making it 9 months.

Mood: happy happy happy!

Workouts: a gym? hah.  maybe next week.

Questions for mamas: I can't even think about questions for other mama's right now! I'm sure they will start coming.  Please share anythings you feel is necessary for me to know!


Bumpdate || Week 8

How ­­far along: 8 weeks and 4 days!

Due date: MARCH 27, 2016!!!

Baby Size: delicious raspberry according to my app

Weight gain: doctors scale said 139

Maternity Clothes: nothing so far.

Stretch Marks: not that I know of.

Sleep: sleeping a little bit better, but not the best still. 

Gender: cannot WAIT to find this out!

Name: still no boys names set in stone.

Movement: nothing - still too early.

Best moment this week: by far the doctors appointment! It was a little sad that D.J. couldn't be there with me, but it was truly amazing.  There is a little baby baking away in my belly.  I heard the heart beat. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life. 

Looking forward too: D.J. being able to see the next ultrasound.

Husband is: loving the pictures from the ultrasound and still working hard the rest of the season.

Food cravings: nothing crazy.

Anything making you queasy or sick: feeling a little better and not so much morning sickness.

Labor Signs: nada

Missing Most: hmm. nothing crazy. enjoying being pregnant!

Symptoms: nausea, low energy and already getting up in the nights running to the bathroom to pee.

Nursery: still a junk room

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: happy happy happy!

Workouts: getting a little more energy and looking forward to staying in shape with my workouts.

Questions for mamas: 


  1. Love this! I'm so excited to follow along on your pregnancy journey. You've probably downloaded them all by now, but my favorite apps are What To Expect, The Bump, and Ovia.


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