Monday, July 27, 2015

Downtown Roanoke, VA

A few weeks ago, we hit the road for a day of exploring Roanoke, VA before the guys played in Salem, VA.  As we get further into this season, I continue to think about how thankful I am D.J. is playing in Virginia this season.  It amazes me that I have lived in this state almost my whole life and there are so many cities I have never been before.  Working remotely has given me so many great opportunities to see D.J. play, meet new people and see great places in this beautiful state we call home. 

We got to Roanoke around 2 p.m. for a meeting I had with an alumni.  We got coffee at a cute little place downtown called Mill Mountain Coffee Shop.  Downtown Roanoke has a cute little sitting area that we talked in for about an hour before I met back up with the girls to see what else we could get into in Roanoke!

The first thing we did was eat at one of the world's best hamburger place - Jack Browns.  Harrisonburg, VA was the first place I had Jack Browns and now it has expanded to Charlottesville, Richmond, Roanoke, and I've heard rumors of Nashville, TN and Norfolk! 

After lunch we decided to take a look at the Butterfly Garden.  It was so pretty and I'm so glad we decided to see what it was all about. 

We were told that seeing the Roanoke Star was a must-see while we were there.  So we got in the car and drove up the mountain to see the world's largest man-made neon star.  

The view from the top was pretty amazing.  

What an amazing city to stop by on the way to Salem, VA.  


  1. This looks like such a darling city and a great spot to explore for a day! The Roanoke Star looks so pretty.

  2. I have been to Salem but only for the game. I love all the pictures that you are taking. What camera are you using?


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