Monday, May 11, 2015

Athens, GA | Bobby's Graduation Festivities

What weekend this has been! Today is going to be a rough one, considering last week I had a two-day work week.  On Wednesday night, my dad and I hopped on a plane to Atlanta, GA where my mom picked us up around midnight.  The whole family was down in Athens, GA for the graduation weekend, including my aunt, uncle, and Nana.  It was similar in ways to my graduation, but one of the biggest differences was that Bobby had is college graduation on Thursday afternoon and then Friday night was the "big" one in Sanford Stadium! 

So Thursday we spent the morning going on a family run, got ready for the ceremony and enjoyed a nice reception at his college building.  Bobby graduated with a BLA - Bachelors in Landscape Architecture - so there were only 31 people in his class! The entire program lasted 45 minutes (another big difference between mine)! Before we went to dinner Thursday night, we went downtown and met a few of Bob's friends and had a few drinks. We went to dinner at a local Cuban place that is BYOB and was so delicious! Here's the Thursday picture dump.

 My beautiful sister.

Mom, Dad and the graduate!


Two down, one to go!

I was too excited and jumping up and down, so the best picture I got was blurry.

The family with Nana post-graduation.

Bobby's senior project.

It's official!

Baby sis.

How awesome is this place? All outdoor seating, BYOB and perfect atmosphere. 

Friday we slept in, I did some work and got a Tone It Up workout in before we had to get ready for the 7 p.m. graduation in Sanford Stadium. Although it was hot as hell, super crowded and 3.5 hours long, the Sanford Stadium graduation was the coolest thing ever.  Both speakers were amazing and I will remember the stories vividly. We were able to spot Bobby amongst the thousands of graduates, watched fireworks, and sang Glory Glory! And at the end of the night, I'm not sure who was more excited to have graduated - Bobby or mom! 

Saturday we had a casual party at Bobby's house that I didn't take any pictures at and Sunday, Julie and I hit the road for an 8 hour drive home around 6 a.m! I made it home in time to mow the grass, do laundry and catch up on all my shows!

Here's a busy work week and another exciting weekend in OBX for Carleigh's bachelorette party! 

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