Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How I was Convinced to Coach Cheering

I started cheering when I was in 7th grade.  I wasn't a crazy tumbler or the flyer, but I had strong legs and could get almost anybody up in a stunt as the base.  Throughout my years in high school at Norfolk Collegiate, the cheering program continued to grow.  We cheered at every home basketball game, spent countless hours in the gym and excelled at competitions around the state. 

See that crazy lady in the front being dramatic with her legs wide open?! Yea, that was me!

When I came back to work at Norfolk Collegiate, I had no intention of coaching a sport.  However, my first year back, I was the middle school volleyball coach and loved it.  It was a little time consuming because I had to leave work early to be in the gym by 3:15, but overall worth it.  I coached again this year and I love being able to see the improvements in each young lady as they continue to grow and mature.  

When two young ladies approached me in November about being the Varsity Cheering coach the first thought through my head was "where in the world would I find the time to coach cheering!?" I had seen the team last year, and I was not impressed.  The program had completely fell to the ground and there were 6 cheerleaders on the  team.  The two girls kept asking me about it and I decided that if they could get 10 cheerleaders committed to being on the team this year, then I would be the coach.

Well guess what?? They found over 10 people. So I became the coach.  At first I was a little stressed about the amount of time I Was spending at the school.  They practice from 4:30-6pm every day and when there are home games they cheer both varsity boys' and girls' basketball.  I quickly found myself being sucked into the love of the sport again and wanting to make them better. 

The difference between last years team and this years team is unbelievable.  They wouldn't even stand a chance to compare to the team before them.  We are doing stunts that I never imagined doing when I first started.  Fulls, twist cradles, baskets.  It's not expert level, but its for sure more than beginner! We got new uniforms, have been granted some gym time, and even had a lock in at the school a few weekends back!

Along with myself as a first time cheer coach, I also convinced another alumnus of the school, Brittany to coach the middle school team.  These girls are the future of our program and I am confident that with Brittany as their coach, they will be ready for JV or Varsity when that time comes!

Cheering has allowed me to get to know these students on a much more personal level.  They trust me and respect my decisions as well as respect each other.  We have been working hard this year on halftime routines in hopes that next year we will be ready to take the mats in a competition!

With the teams strong leadership skills, we were able to host a clinic for students interested in cheering in grades 4 and 5.  The turnout was great and look how cute they looked in their uniforms!!

Overall, cheering has been such a blessing and I am so honored to coach such an amazing group of young women and men.  I can't wait to continue to see the program grow over the years and I hope that one day we are as strong as it was when I was here! 

Be on the lookout for a vlog in the next few weeks with their halftime routine - it's pretty awesome if I do so say myself :)



  1. That's so amazing that you give back as a coach. I never cheered [wanted to but it conflicted with soccer] and hope one day to coach soccer as it was such an amazing part of my life. Way to be a rockstar!

  2. This is so great... my daughter is a cheerleader so I definitely have a soft spot for cheering! I love that you coached... I imagine if you hadn't done it, the program would have just kept crumbling. Yay for bringing it back to life!!

  3. I bet they absolutely love you Cayte! This makes me happy! :)

  4. You are so awesome, Cayte! How lucky are those sweet girls to be learning from you?! Yay!

  5. Ahh! That is so exciting!! I cheered for 10 years and I miss it like crazy. What lucky girls they are to be able to learn from you!


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