Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Home Tour - Master Bedroom

I haven't done a post on the house in a while, but I figured that since you have only seen the before and after pictures that I need to show you what the room actually looks like!

First up, the master bedroom.  This is one room that I let DJ dictate with the paint color.  He had stated from the beginning that he wanted a grey bedroom, so that's what he got.  At first, I wasn't a fan.  It was giving more of a green-grey look and I didn't like it.  But as we continued to add touches of blue to the room, it started to even itself out.  We went this a great set of wood furniture for the bedroom.  We were thankful for my Nana for her help in purchasing the bedroom set, but it is so nice to have a full dresser, ottoman, and a bedside table.  

We went with a simple duvet cover from Pottery Barn with the king size monogrammed pillows. I love it, but was a little disappointing that some of the monogramming has already started to come undone from the pillows.  We acquired the perfect "always kiss me goodnight" for some friends cleaning out their home.  I love it because we always make sure there's a night time smooch before we pass out.

I had been struggling to find a good throw pillow for the bed for some time now.  I came across these beauties at TJMaxx last week and wasn't 100% sold, but I think they work great.  They are a smidge bit different than the blue on the duvet cover, but I'm fine with that.

Curtains were the death of me.  And still are as I am trying to find some for the living room.  After about three different options, these were the ones I went with.  They are not super thick, but I wasn't going for blackout.  I was going for more of a decoration look.  These were from TJMaxx as well and I am so happy with the way they turned out in the room. 

The bedside table is so convenient.  I love having a place to throw my glasses when I fall asleep.  I also use it as a place to keep my rings and everyday jewelry that I can throw on before I walk out the door. 

Hello dog hair...real life struggles.

The dresser is another key part of the room that I could not go without.  The drawers are literally stuffed to the top on my side.  I love how the vase the B are different shades of blue that tie in the bedspread.  Having my diploma displayed in our room is a constant reminder of how smart I am.  Just kidding! I love being able to see how much I have accomplished and how thankful I am to have parents that supported me while I worked for such an accomplishment.  

And that's our bedroom! Some of the photos I took were sideways and I couldn't get them to be the right direction.  I even re-saved them and tried that way.  Does anyone else ever have this problem? Is there a solution that you know of?

Exhibit A:

Let me know :)


  1. Love it, sweetness! Gray is my favorite color anyhow :)

  2. So cute!! Love your furniture. Matthew and I are going to pick out our furniture this weekend for our apartment and I am SO excited!! We've been shopping online some and we really like the darker wood, like y'all's. He is wanting navy and white bedding and I love it, so it's all coming together!! Also, those curtains are adorable! Where did y'all get them? They go with everything perfectly.

  3. love it! our master bedroom furniture is very similar to yours and my grandparents also help contribute to that purchase. we have a lot of gray accents but the walls are still tan and i'd like to paint but can't pick a color!

  4. Beautiful master bedroom

    Love the last picture

  5. The dresser definitely looks great in your bedroom, and I find it amazing how something so pretty can be so functional. I'm glad the grey tones started to grow on you over time, because I honestly think the bedroom looks lovely, Cayte. Thanks for the tour!

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer


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