Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

We are so lucky to live close to both D.J. and my families that we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of them.  Since the traffic getting out of the Hampton Roads area is always a pain, we figured that we would celebrate Thanksgiving day at my house and drive up Thursday night to D.J's parents and have Thanksgiving with them on Friday. 
Wednesday was nice - we had half day at work and I got some things done that I had been meaning to do.  Bobby, Julie, Mom, and I went to the exchange on base to scout out all the Black Friday/Saturday/Sunday deals before it got crazy busy.  When D.J. got finished with work, we went to see The Hunger Games and then topped off the night with a few beers at O'Connors with friends! I haven't been home on Wednesday night of Thanksgiving weekend in I don't know how long, so it was nice to see friends that were home for the holiday that I haven't seen in a while. 

Thursday morning we woke up around 10:00 and went over to my parents to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  After the parade, we started our annual family game of Monopoly.  It is always so fun to play with my dad and watch him do all his wheelin' and deelin' on all the trades and hotel construction! I would say that over 75% of the time, dad ends up winning. 

After we played Monoploy, we had a delicious dinner made by my mom.  This was the first time ever she has had Thanksgiving dinner at her own house.  Typically, we would go to my aunts our up to our family camp house in PA, but this year we decided to stay home.  Her food was delicious and it was great to have everyone in our family in one place.  We followed up the turkey with a yummy chocolate pie that my sister made and a typical apple pie! I will give y'all the recipie for the chocolate pie when my sister gets home from college in a few weeks.
D.J. and I hit the road to his parents house around 5pm and hit no traffic on the way up, which was so nice! We arrived and his sister Amy and her family were still there and we got to see Myla and Bryce before they went home for bed.  We decided to do Thanksgiving dinner with them on Friday since it wad D.J.'s birthday.

Friday we ate, watched TV, and enjoyed each other's company.  It was nice to see our niece and nephews.  They are all growing up so fast! We played another game of Monopoly and ate another Thanksgiving dinner and re-watched the parade :). After all that, D.J. opened his presents and blew out his birthday candles!

Saturday the boys went golfing and the girls went shopping! I got a nice three mile run in before we drove to Fredericksburg and man, was I sore! I wasn't expecting so many hills!! But I am doing an 8k this weekend, so I needed to prepare! Not sure how prepared I am going to be, but it will be something checked off my bucket list - my longest race yet! I got a few Christmas items for the kids and family members.  We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and hit up Funland after for a few games to work of those rolls! 

Sunday we hit the road around noon and surprisingly, didn't hit terrible traffic.  It was a little bad on I-95, as I expected, but on I-64, it was awesome!! Such a great way to end an awesome long weekend! I cannot WAIT for Christmas now! Time to start wrapping presents! In the meantime take a look at how cute these wittle babies are!

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