Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Decor: Home Tour

I know I am a little behind the curve, but today I am happy to say we are back up and running on the blog.  My mama is back, the camera is now in my possession and posts are flowing! I am so excited to be sharing a little house tour today with you.  We used a lot of the same decorations that we got last year and I am excited to do some after Christmas shopping for a few more things I want for next years Christmas. 

I love the Happy Holidays garland I purchased from Target this year.  It looks perfect behind our tree.  We got our tree last Friday and decorated it right away! I am happy to say that I am all done wrapping presents and just need to get a few stocking stuffers and will be completely finished for the shopping!

Christmas Tree  - Blog With The Browns

I found this year that I am a terrible wrapper.  I apologize in advance to our family members that got presents wrapped by me.  Thankfully, my hubby has pretty good wrapping skills and even curls the ribbon he puts on them! 

Present Details - Blog With The Browns

...But sometimes he need an extra finger to help tie the knots!

Presents  - Blog With The Browns

My plan for the piano is to get picture frames for all our cards to be displayed in years to come.

Piano - Blog With The Browns

We got this Santa from my parents house.  I think everyone in the family has one - my mom, aunt, cousin and now me!

Santa  - Blog With The Browns

Christmas Photos - Blog With The Browns

China Cabinet  - Blog With The Browns

 I couldn't get a good photos of the lights on the outside, but D.J. did a great job making our house look like a gingerbread house! Lots of colorful lights with some garland around the railings on the porch! I love the way it looks.  We have candles in all the windows on the front and all the lights are on timers so we don't have to worry about turning it on and off!

Last year I filled these planters with a baby Christmas tree.  This year I had some leftover pansies that I needed to plant so I figured I would leave these up for a while with the pretty flowers in them.  They are a little floppy in this picture, but I promise you they have perked up since then! It's amazing what a little water will do to plants ;). 

I love decorating for Christmas and I cannot wait for the years to come as we collect more and more holiday decorations. 

What is the holiday "thing" that you collect throughout the years?


  1. I have that same garland from Target. Love it!! Your decorations all look so good!


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