Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, talented, loving mom out there!

I have to brag just for a few seconds. It's not every day your typical mom is a Commander in the United States Navy. My mom served our country for 20 years traveling all around the world protecting our freedom! Our family was able to live in Japan for two years and travel to Guam and Saipan during the time there.  My mom also is the biggest dog lady out there.  If she could move to a farm and be a dog breeder, I'm pretty sure she would. Our family dog, Hudson, is seriously in love with my mom.  He is always at her feet wherever she is! She would do anything for her dogs, just like her children!

You have raised an amazing family and I am so proud to call you my mom.  I hope one day, I am just as an amazing mother to our children as you were to us!


  1. Such a sweet post Cayte! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your mom! And thanks for her service!


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