Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Making: A to-do list for the month of June. I know, its going to be a long one.
Cooking: Well I did just make some delicious chocolate chip cookies last week! I am not one for cooking.
Drinking: Water, water, and more water. 
Reading: Allegiant, the 3rd book in the Divergent trilogy.
Wanting: A new computer.  Mine is over 6 years old and its so worn.  I am going to start doing some research on new computers over the next few weeks.
Looking: Pretty tan for it being June 4th. 
Wasting: Opportunities to take good photographs.  I try to take my good camera with me everywhere, but sometimes I just forget!
Wishing: Somehow I could work from home, travel with D.J., have no bills, I was somewhere in the Caribbean sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand.. is that too much to ask for?!
Enjoying: Sleeping with my pup. He is seriously the best snuggle buddy.  Like I'm talking head on pillow, paws on my hand kind of snuggler!
Waiting: For my little cousins to get here for the whole month of July!
Liking: The fact my husband will be home for a few days in less than two weeks! 
Wondering: Who the Indians are going to take this year in the draft.  It's on Thursday! Crazy to think it's already been 2 year since the draft.
Loving: How close I live to the beach.  Something I always take for granted!
Hoping: Stryker's annual vet appointment goes well this afternoon.
Smelling: My shampoo. And my lotion.  Pretty relaxing if I must say so myself.
Wearing: My pijamas (baggy t-shirt of D.J.'s) since I am attempting to get out of my bed!
Noticing: Flowers take longer to develop that I want them to.  Patience is a virtue they say.
Knowing: That Bob will be home this weekend makes me smile! Yay for family!
Thinking:  About David.  This will be the 4th Annual David Gayle Memorial Fundrasier and I cannot wait to see everyone out there remembering such a great friend.
Giggling: That it is already Wednesday! Happy Hump Day!

Hope everyone has a great day :)

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  1. Yay, your husband will be home for a few days!! Seriously wishing I could work at home and have no bills!! Wouldn't that be the life! Jealous you live so close to the beach!!

  2. I'd love to work from home too-- I need to make that happen! :) I need to work on my tan but all this rain we're getting isn't helping!! !

  3. Loving ALL of this!! Yay, for new bloggy friends and giveaways :) :)

  4. Love this!!! I would give anything to live close to the beach :)

  5. I too am so excited and anxious about the draft! Last year the Indians made a solid choice with Clint Frazier, a former Team Elite player, in the first round! Hopefully they made a solid choices this year too.


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