Friday, June 20, 2014

2 out of 6 2014 Weddings: Christy and Stephan

[Disclaimer: If I would have taken the real camera, it wouldn't have ended pretty. Beware of iPhone photo overload!]

This past weekend I was so honored to be able to witness the love Christy and Stephan have for each other at their wedding.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding.  The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold.  The ceremony and reception both took place at The Marina Shores Yacht Club in the Coastal Room. 

The ceremony was outside but it had a roof over top with lots of fans, so the guests were not sweating! Christy seriously looked stunning, don't y'all think?! Her dress was elegant with a little sexiness and it looked so perfect on her body.  She had each chair on the aisle covered with a teal ribbon and the rest were left without one.  It looks super pretty. 

The men were wearing grey suits with two different color teals as their vest and tie colors.  Stephan looked so excited to see Christy when she came around the corner.  Christy's dad is retired Navy and Stephan is currently serving our country as a Marine.  So it was fitting to see a Navy priest step out for the ceremony.

After the ceremony was finished, the guests were ushered into the Coastal Room which was located right off of the deck the ceremony was on.  The room  had team uplighting and lights that made us feel like we were under water.  The overall theme was "nautical" with knots, water, blue, etc. 

Christy and I met through my dear friend Ansley.  Both of their husbands played soccer together at VMI and are both now in the Marines.  Since Ansley's husband couldn't be at our wedding, Christy came as her date! And now since neither Chris nor D.J. was able to make it to Christy's Ansley and I were each other's dates!!

The cake was so beautiful and fit in the theme perfectly. It was also extremely delicious.  I am pretty sure I had to hunt down the server for a piece.  Oops. 

And of course, the garter/bouquet toss is one of my favorites at a wedding...

Except when your married and can't participate :(

Overall, the night was great and I had so much fun celebrating the love we all have for our husbands over the past 7 months! I kinda felt like we were on 4 weddings, right Ans and Christy?!

The beautiful, happy, loving couple is off enjoying their marriage in Cabo down in Mexico!!

This weekend I will add #3 to the list of 2014 weddings!!!


  1. Her dress is so pretty!! I really love weddings! :) And those glow sticks...we had them at our wedding, best $75 we ever could have spent!!!

  2. What a pretty wedding. I love the how they did an underwater feel at the reception. She made a beautiful bride!

  3. Hope you had a great day! Where is this Marina Shores Yacht Club? I haven't heard about that place before. My sister's marriage is on next week. The venue is a wedding banquet hall in Toronto. I visited the place yesterday. It is such a beautiful hall. Hope we too have an awesome day :-)


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