Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mystery Flowers

There have been so many wonderful things about buying our house.  We have been able to make it our home, share memories, and fill it with lots of stuff already! Over the past month or so, I have noticed these random "weeds" coming out in the flower bed next to the front porch.  When I realized that they were actually annual flowers coming up, I got so excited!
Except they literally too like 3-4 weeks to bloom! Finally I started to notice that they were budding and this is what I have gotten so far!

I have no idea what type of flowers these are, but I do know that they are making lots of buds on each bush! There is another flower blooming with a longer stem that I don't know what they are either.  They haven't blossomed yet, so when they do I will post more pictures!

If you have any idea of what these flowers are please let me know!


  1. I think they are some type of Lily. Yours are really pretty! I have some very similar ones in my front yard too, but ours haven't bloomed yet. It's so fun seeing all of the flowers that come up when you buy a house. This is our second full summer in our house, and we got married last summer, so I didn't pay much attention then. We have so many great flowers, so I can't wait for them to start opening!

  2. That dark red is gorgeous! We have pink and orange ones, I think they might be Asiatic Lilies? Definitely a lily :) So pretty!


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