Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wendesday Weekend Recap with the Williams'

This past weekend we had some of the family in town for the weekend! Stef, James, and not-so-little Jayden all came down on Friday night to spend some quality time with us! The best part was is that they all had a bed to sleep on... even if one mattress was on the floor- its the fact that it was there that counts! They got in late Friday night and Jayden was already passed out.  They put him down and we stayed up chatting for a little bit before we went to bed.  

Saturday morning I had already signed up to run the Girls on the Run 5K in downtown Norfolk so I was gone by 7:30.  If you don't know about GOTR, it is a program that "inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running." They are nation wide and I am proud to say that my mom was one of the first people to get involved in the South Hampton Roads Area.  At the races, they like to have a running buddy for each "girl on the run".  This year C.J. and I ran a great race and I was very proud to see her complete the race with her head held high! 

After the race was finished, I ran home (not literally) and got ready to head out for a fun-filled day with Jayden and the family!
The Children's Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth is literally the best place to take any kid ranging from 2-23 because I love the place! They have lots of interactive areas from bubbles to grocery stores.  Upstairs they have different exhibits to show the laws of motion, our planet, and they even have a plasma ball where you can touch and see the electricity come to your hand!

After about 2 hours, Jayden was getting tired and so were we.  We went home, had some lunch and then we all fell asleep watching Home Alone.

For dinner on Saturday we had my family over and all sat around the table for a big home cooked meal from me and D.J. Right in the middle of dinner the whole street lost power for about 10 seconds but it felt like the longest ten seconds of my life! I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face! After we ate, we ventured out in the rain to see the Garden of Lights at Botanical Gardens.  Stef, James, and Jayden loved them! Jayden was hanging out of the sun roof (don't worry- we were barely moving and we were all holding on to him!) and he was awing at every single Christmas light display.  We finished the night off with some of Pappy's home make crab soup and chocolate chip cookies!

Sunday they got on the road around 11:30 to head back to Fredericksburg.  I attempted to make my first ever Crock Pot Mac and Cheese.  I would say for my first time, it was pretty good.  Nothing special- but not bad! We took it to the Neighborhood Christmas party later that night and it seemed to be pretty good since it was all gone! 

Our weekend was super busy, but why waste time not being busy!? Can't wait to have lots more fun weekends in the next few to come!

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